Welcome Single RV-ers! Please Come Join Us!

From all reports, the September Camp-Out over in the Tygh Valley was a good one!
Now, there’s only one more C-O left for the 2014 Season, it is:

This will be a joint C-O with the Nor’West LoWs from Washington State
The joint events are always exceptionally good with extra events — a “Mini Rally,” if you will.

(See Events Schedule Page for Details and Directions)

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From our WagonMaster, Karen Grady:

Please make your reservation for the October C-O at Silver Cove (360-967-2057) by the 12th of this month. That way we can be assured of the group having sites that are near one another and close to the club house.

If you need to contact Karen re the October C-O, find her info on the “Events Schedule” page.

Or you can leave comments on the “Contact Us” page and they will be forwarded to us.

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Photos from the August C-O at Wapiti Park in Lincoln City are now posted on the Photos page.
Sorry there weren’t more taken at the park itself of the attendees. With few exceptions, these are of those who went on the hike to Drift Creek Falls and the suspension bridge there.

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Next camp-out is at Wasco County Farigrounds in Tygh Valley.
If you want to join us, contact WagonMaster Karen. Her info is on the Events Schedule page.
Details and directions for the park are on that page as well.
Hope to see you there!

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This is Adam — the techno-savvy grandson of your webmeister.
He built this website for OR-LoWs and has just recently “fixed” it after our server upgraded some of the software — which caused the site to malfunction! :(


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Sorry this site has had some recent problems. Believe they are now repaired/updated, etc.
Have now updated Events Schedule page and will post new photos soon.

Thank you for your patience!!!

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Thanks for your patience. We’re working on this website.

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Apologies for this website being “down” for the past couple of weeks. Our server said they needed to update some of the software that was used in the creation of this website. They did —  and this caused the disruption.
Since the webmeister (moi) was not tech-savvy enough to fix the problem, it had to wait till the 30 yr old grandson to do it. All our thanks and gratitude to Adam — the original creator of our website.
Let’s hear a big applause here for his time and effort!!! (He surely gets mine.)

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Next camp-out at Wapiti RV Park in Lincoln City.
If you want to join us, contact WagonMaster Karen. Her info is on the Events Schedule page.
Details and directions for the park are on that page as well. Looks to be a good time to visit the coast!

The last time we visited this park, we had a Fan-TAS-tic time. Hope you’ll consider coming, too.

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Have finally posted photos from the July C/O at Big Eddy Columbia County Park on the Photo page.

Sunny days Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, but then we ARE in Oregon. Rain began on Tuesday night.
Being Oregonians though, the umbrellas came out, the shelter was put up and a couple of awnings were opened.
The campfire kept going and the Camp-Out continued.
Good times were had by one and all.

Hope to see you next month at Lincoln City. Please contact Karen Grady if you’re coming.
Karen’s email and phone number are noted on the Events Schedule page — as are directions to the campsite.

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