Winter Luncheons - 2016 Camping Schedule

We have posted the dates for our Winter Luncheons (April 2016 only - November luncheon has been cancelled) and our 2016 camping schedule. Please see our EVENTS SCHEDULE page for details.

We hope you will come join us!

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Welcome Single RV-ers! Please Come Join Us!

Well, the May and June camp-outs are over but there’s another one coming up for JULY!!!

It’s at the Elks Park in Canby. Check the Events Schedule Page for Directions & Details.

Hope to see you there!!!

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No. There’s no Emergency, but it is May 1st which is “May Day.” It’s also time to make your Reservation for the May CampOut at Odd Fellows Park in Beautiful Florence Oregon.
(Details and Directions can be found on the EVENTS SCHEDULE page of this website.)

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The final details have been added to the 2015 C-O Schedule and are available for viewing on the Events Schedule page.

As a Heads-Up though, the first camp-out begins on May 11th and Reservations should be made by May 1st. So don’t wait to check out the schedule.
Contact information is also there if you have questions.

Hope to see you soon!!!

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Newsletters should again be forthcoming on this website. Note the following rec’d this morning from Prez Cecil King:
WE HAVE OUR NEWSLETTER position filled!!!!
Please, no more resumes for now.  AND the winner of this prestigious office is…….Nan Oliver!!!  She’s been begging me for the last year for the job & now her name is at the top of the list.
Her best friend, Gov. Moonbeam may have wanted lower expectation but not me.  She’ll be a  Natural Nan for this position.

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Welcome Single RV-ers! Please Come Join Us!


A “mostly complete” 2015 CampOut Schedule is posted on the Events Schedule Page.
Will get the last details up as soon as I hear back from our WagonMaster.

Thank you for your patience!!!

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Welcome Single RV-ers! Please Come Join Us!

Winter Luncheon Schedule is published on the Events Schedule page.
The Luncheons are an Excellent way to get to know some of our members and find out, “what we’re about,” before committing to a 4-day camp-out.

2015 Camp-Out Schedule to be posted SOON. 

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Welcome Single RV-ers! Please Come Join Us!

From all reports, the September Camp-Out over in the Tygh Valley was a good one!
Now, there’s only one more C-O left for the 2014 Season, it is:

This will be a joint C-O with the Nor’West LoWs from Washington State
The joint events are always exceptionally good with extra events — a “Mini Rally,” if you will.

(See Events Schedule Page for Details and Directions)

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From our WagonMaster, Karen Grady:

Please make your reservation for the October C-O at Silver Cove (360-967-2057) by the 12th of this month. That way we can be assured of the group having sites that are near one another and close to the club house.

If you need to contact Karen re the October C-O, find her info on the “Events Schedule” page.

Or you can leave comments on the “Contact Us” page and they will be forwarded to us.

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Photos from the August C-O at Wapiti Park in Lincoln City are now posted on the Photos page.
Sorry there weren’t more taken at the park itself of the attendees. With few exceptions, these are of those who went on the hike to Drift Creek Falls and the suspension bridge there.

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